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Uutiset, 20.12.2006 | Suomen pysyvä edustusto UNESCOssa, Pariisi

OECD Economic Survey of Euro Area

OECD - Paris, 20 December 2006

                                OECD Economic Survey of Euro Area

The OECD’s latest economic survey of the Euro area, to be publishedonThursday 4 January 2007,looks at how the current recovery provides an opportunity for boosting the resilience and growth potential of the countries sharing the single currency.

The survey will be available to journalists in English and French on the OECD's password-protected website at11.00 a.m. Paris time(10:00 GMT) for immediate release. 

A Policy Brief with the main conclusions will be freely accessible in pdf format (in English and French) on the OECD’s web You are invited to include this internet link in reports on the survey.

The publication is divided into the following chapters:

  • Assessment and recommendations,
  • Managing diversity,
  • Monetary policy,
  • Putting fiscal policy back on track.

Journalists will be allowed advance access to the electronic version of the publication, by e-mail and under embargo, four hours ahead of release time. For journalists in Asia/Pacific time zones such advance access is allowed 12 hours ahead of release time.

Requests for interviews with OECD economists on the survey’s findings should be sent to the OECD’s Media Division

The study will be sent by e-mail on request only.In asking to receive the survey under embargo, journalists undertake to respect the OECD’s embargo procedures. Requests to receive the survey by e-mail under embargo or to obtain a password to access the website should be sent by e-mail to Nicole Le Vourch ( in the OECD’s Media Division. 



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